Street Traders In Dubalin

Subject: Re: Bylaws changes for causal trading

We are the Irish Street Traders Co-operative. a group of professional
traders currently operating in all the major markets in Dublin: Temple
Bar, Farmleigh and Dun Laoghaire.
What makes this co-operative unique is that we have combined our
efforts and experience to work together towards common goals, namely
to work in conjunction with bodies such as Dublin City Council to
establish venues to trade from and establish opportunities for our
members to showcase our goods and produce.

We believe that there are many opportunities in the coming year such
as Patrick’s ‘Day, Croke Park ,The Aviva Stadium,The O2,Tall Ships
Race etc. Where we can if given an opportunity demonstrate our ability
to produce wholesome non processed irish foods and provide a possible
alternative to the current hot dog chipper vans that currently trade
at these events.

A number of our members have expressed interest in trading at events
currently licensed by Dublin City Council but many have expressed
frustration at the rotation system currently being operated by the
Casual Trading Section at venues such as Croke Park, The Aviva
Stadium, etc…It appears from the reports by our members that the
same Chip Vans seem to appear at all events and a fair system of
rotation does not seem to operate, this may be rectified by the
publishing on its website of it’s policy of rotation and possibily
publishing the names of successful licencees and registration numbers
of units at each event.

It has been reported to us that St. Patrick’s Day is now a “closed
shop” for the same traders each year and no new trader has been
successful in their applicatios thus far.

The raising of license fees for current night time traders from 4,000
to 6,000 Euro is an unfair and unjustifiable increase.

Charging of rates may only be justified if services such as
electricity, water and refuse are also provided.

The requirement that the licence holder be present at the unit at all
times is totally unreasonable. For example, many traders trade at
night and then again that day.

The proposed guideline for size of unit at 2 meters by 2 meters poses
a series health hazard to all concerned.

Irish Street Traders Cooperative