Gobshites – Have they been living in an enclosed convent?

There will be cuts of €3.6 billion this year and another €3.6 billion
next year and more the year after. That is how we are getting money to
run the country at present. Other than the crazy money on interest to
repay bank debt, what do you Labour Lads and lassies want to do? Tax
the country out of jobs? Fine on you go but divert the crowd to the
boat at the Northwall because even the Mail Boat (Stena) has headed
out of Dun Laoghaire. This is political maschism only because the
alternative is even a lot worse. Cuts must come at the top and tyhen
be tapered. There must be mortgage write-off for some of the middle
calss. Clinton is correct in this. We must have radical government.
Enda – you might have to get a few non-PC advisers. Bin the Croke Park
Agreement as against the national interest.

Enda, the numbers retiring in the hospitals will eff-up services plus
plus and you will finish up hiring them as locums.

The other thing, Enda, is that NO Civil Servant should get the
largesse that was given to yer man whatsisname who sat at the kitchen
table with Bert. Is this country out of its collective head to borrow
money to give these people mad money in retirement. This DERMOT
McCarthy – Singh St and BA and M.Litt from Trinity. He was/is a fine
civil servant but the partnerships, benchmarking and all the trimmings
cilminating in Croke Park where jobs were traded for high pay. OMG. He
is 57 and was given a pension of €428,011 lump, a top up of €142,670
and a yearly pension of €142,000. Was he worth it? Ask Eamonn O’Cuiv?