Orthodontics in Louth – Meath

The two Orthodontic Units in Louth and Meath primarily serve clients
from Louth, Meath, Cavan and Monaghan. The staff in these units are
committed to treating all patients as efficiently as possible.

Due to the current moratorium on staff recruitment, the Orthodontic
Units have been unable to fill any vacant posts or increase the
complement of staff, and this has led to an increase in wait times
for treatment which currently stands at approximately 3-3.5years.
However, 2 Orthodontists have recently returned to the North East
Orthodontic Service following periods of planned leave and their
return will have a positive impact on the numbers of patients being
treated in 2012.

In July 2007, the Department of Health altered criteria of eligibility
for orthodontic treatment and this alteration increased the amount of
children eligible for Orthodontic treatment by over 33%. The staffing
complement in the Units did not increase in line with this change.

Patients who are assessed and deemed eligible for Orthodontic
treatment are placed chronologically on the waiting list and are
offered a treatment place as soon as one becomes available.