Tommy Broughan blows the Super Junior position!

Tommy Broughan, a retired St Aidan’s School teacher, voted against the
continuance of the 2008 bank guarantee in a fit of consistency. He
voted the same way on the same issue before. At 64 years old and
counting, he can’t take the flail of the whip. Next week’s budget is
his next No! vote I’m fairly sure. Broughan’s fate is an example of
what is wrong with the Irish political system.

If the electorate vote for you on one basis, then casting that aside is shabby and
disrespectful. It is a form of philosophical fraud. That is why I
think that Frankie Feehan should have joined Denis Naughton in
The ultimate gesture is to resign the Dail seat – precipitate a
bye-election and stand for election. Let the people decide. Have you
the nerve Tommy?