Taoiseach’s Speech

The presentation was good. He comes over as a nice man and he is.

As for the content – not half hard enough! He wasted the chance to do
something that will resonate across Europe. Not for the buzz of the
vibration but because it would be the right thing to do! He should not
spend money on Anglo in January next. I think it is €1.4 billion to
bond holders. The Taoiseach should have announced that. Enda will be
hamstrung by conservative advisers over his term. That is regrettable.

Enda is a serious man and deserves better but he needs to think this
out. Mark Mortell cubed but an overpaid PD. O’Toole is correct in the
Irish Times. If Ciaran Conlon was kept on the basic salary of €80,051,
the government could have had two more care assistants at a starting
salary of €26,590. Is one Conlon at 127,000 worth the price of five
care assistants at €132.950. The rest of the figures are in the
article in the Irish Times.

One of the failings of the Irish establishment is the need to feel
appreciated, liked and loved. This manifested itself worst in Brian
Lenihan bailing out the European banks in the guise of bailing out the
Irish banks.

Clarity of thought and analysis is not a strong suit in Irish
politics. More is the pity.

Enda said that we are not to blame for the country’s travails. Not
true. We are of course to blame. We repeatedly elected the TDs who
made the decisions to rule over us. We did so in the knowledge that
the Commission had disagreed with all of Charlie McCreevey’s budgets.
We did so when it was plain that Bertie had his eye on the ball on
every sports field in the country but not on Merrion Street. We did so
when the ESRI and OECD warned the government. We did so despite Morgan
Kelly. All there main parties were at the champaign counter. So let’s
not rewrite history at this early stage.

The abolition of the Seanad in a referendum in 2012 – a timed
announcement. There is a need for Seanad reform but abolition in a
country as centralised and lacking in openness and trasparency as
Ireland. No! I will oppose this as an insult to all past Senators and
as a lazy way of ducking reform. Fewer TDs because backbenchers are
useless lobby fodder! Again the same judgement applies. Reform