Cavan Monaghan Care for the elderly

Media Query regarding the Lisdarn Unit, Cavan

HSE response

Please be advised that the HSE has made no decision to close Lisdarn
Unit for the Elderly or any unit for older persons.  The HSE also wish
to clearly state that no patients have been removed from Lisdarn Unit
for the Elderly as a step towards closure of this unit.

The HSE are currently engaged in an overall assessment of Services for
Older Persons Long Stay Residential Care including infrastructure,
need, reconfiguration potential in the long term strategic planning of
the service.  Part of this process includes consideration of the
number of beds and type of long term care provision required including
the number and purpose of long stay. We are committed to establishing
the environmental improvements required to ensure we meet the HIQA
standards across all units in the Cavan and Monaghan Area including
Lisdarn Unit for the Elderly

As part of this an option appraisal of all services for older persons
for 2012 is underway which is not yet complete.  It is clear that in
the light of national financial constraints and HIQA regulations, some
closures and or bed reductions will occur in Cavan and Monaghan but
this will be kept to a minimum.

An intensive communication process and consultation with affected
service users, family input, the public, staff and unions will be put
in place prior to moving ahead with closure of any public unit.

Comment:- The HSE should publish its assessment of the needs for care
of the elderly in these counties into the future. Services that are
provided at present at the standards laid down by Health Information
and Quality Authority (HIQA) should be listed. Howver, where there is
inadequate physical accomodation and that is recognised does NOT mean
that such a place should be shut down where there is no alternative
that is socially and culturally suitable. Instead there should be a
recognition of the inadequacy and a set of priorities drwn up to
remedy the problems over the coming years starting with the worst
facility first and so on.