St Brendans Hospital, Dublin

The HSE is acutely aware of the infrastructural deficits at St.
Brendan’s Hospital. It has long been identified as one of the
psychiatric hospitals in need of major redevelopment. Construction is
underway of a brand new HSE state of art accommodation on the
Grangegorman site which will see the relocation of residents and
staff of St. Brendan’s hospital from current antiquated accommodation
into new purpose built facilities on the site

The new facility will provide patients with their own single bedrooms
and ensuite facilities, therapy and rehabilitation spaces, enhanced
with courtyards settings and a light filled environment to maximize
the recovery journey for patients. Construction of this replacement
unit is expected to be completed late 2012. This development will
enable the HSE to improve access for patients and clients to very high
quality facilities and services.

Over the Christmas period, due to a shortage of nursing staff in
Dublin North West Mental Health Service , Unit O and Unit 3B, St.
Brendan’s Hospital will amalgamate from 12th December to 16th January
2012. This will involve the interim closure of Unit 3B for that
period. Five women from Unit 3B will transfer across to Unit O, the
low secure unit. Of the seven remaining patients in 3B, four will
transfer to community hostels and three to beds in other units. The
Medical Teams contacted families last Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th and
advised them of the plans to amalgamate these two units.

While there is a locked door policy in Unit O, patients who previously
could move in and out freely will still be able to do so.

Both Unit O and Unit 3B will revert to pre Dec 12th operations on the
16/01/2012. The Mental Health Commission has been advised.

These measures are necessary to ensure continuity of services and to
ensure safe staff complements to care for all residents and patients
over this period.