Enda Kenny – Number 1 in 2011.

Person of the year 2011. Enda has to prove his mettle still. The EU
financial mess and the bank debt will feature as the judgement calls.
He will also have to speak to the people again through television but
this time in a detailed explanation of strategy in the economic war.
And no bullshit. Leaders questions should be used to lead the country.
Never be afraid to state that you don’t know. Even Einstein didn’t
know everything. Mind you do you remember the taximan Fred Housego, I
think he was called on Mastermind?

Kenny’s weakness probably remains the lack of a ballsbusting left of
centre personal advisor. Being surrounded by Bories ( Boring Tories)
is not a good move. Its the sort of thing that makes Conlon think he’s
being underpaid.

Strengths – Wife is dead sound and that is important. Hogan is a good
fighter and not stupid. Coveney will continue to be good. Send Fergus
O’Dowd to the US with Richard Bruton to talk to more US firms and drum
up some business.

Michael Noonan needs you to keep the pressure on to get some debt
writedown on the banks including an interest rate demolition on the
promissory notes. Check with the IMF if we can borrow from thyem in
the extraordinary situation of having to leave the Eurozone? In the
interim, use the IMF to pressure the ECB/EU on our bank debt
write-down. Because it is really their bank debt that we arte
carrying. So we can only play at being “gobshites” (Sorry Sean) for so
long. The people will ultimately stand up and resist.

Lucinda Creighton is the RIGHT one in Europe. Let her welly in to the
German and French self-interest and bat for all of Europe and the
European ideal of solidarity. But remember Europe is UNPOPULAR here at
home. There are confabulating euroskeptics all over the media and pubs
and byeways. You don’t need focus groups to figure that one out.

Keep yourself positive. I thought you looked a bit knackered before
christmas so duck out sometimes to have a meeting with yourself.

Make some retiring sporting greats Ambassadors at Large for the Irish
People – Three rugby heads – Brian O’Driscoll, Paul O’Connell and Rory
Best for a start. Get to Poland in the Summer and PAY FOR YOURSELF.

Be more Presidential and less party political. The core vote for
parties is now under 17% for all parties. The rest is froth.

PS You owe the coup resistance group nothing now – time moves on.
Tempus Fugit! as Pat McDonagh might put it in Marian.

Best of luck – I support you in my usual critical fashion which is
much more reliable than the arslikans variety. ( Sean Barrett should
ban ARLIKANS from the backbenches.)

As for Shortall and your DEPITY – OMG enjoy the crack but don’t buy
the policy because it is full of holes.

Have a good one Enda- Happy new year!