The Reilly File – Private patients in public hospitals

Dr Reilly confirmed the Government would press ahead with
controversial plans to remove existing arrangements which designate
particular beds in public hospitals for private patients. He said the
legislation was complex but should be introduced by the middle of this
year. The new legislation will allow hospitals to charge for all
private patients treated, a move insurance companies have said will
add hundreds of millions to their costs and force up prices by as much
as 50 per cent. (Martin Wall – The Irish Times 2 Jan 2012).

Cupla ceist don Aire:-

Sir James – are you going to fine consultants for having more than
their contracted maximum private patient bad occupancy when they will
have no control over who is admitted through A&E and the Medical
Admission Units across the country?

Are you going to bin the consultants contract and start again in the
public interest?