Paul Drury on Tol

Professor Richard Tol is not the most charismatic person I ever met but his aesthete clearly does not chime with Paul Drury. Paul and myself have something in common. Were both Paddies. So Paul getting upset because Tol tells the young Irish to emigrate is a waste of emotion. I couldn’t give a flying F… what the likes of Professor Tol says about virtually anything. As for the ESRI! I think that John FitzGerald and the ESRI have a decent record. Tol seems to think that they are in dread of a swipe of retrenchment from the government. I think that the ESRI has a proud record and is a high priority institute here. I have no personal knowledge of any of their staff but I confess I met Tol in the radio studio.

I hope Tol enjoys Sussex and they him.

Good luck
and Harvey Smith