The Greyhound Bin Collection. _ OOch

Greyhound will takeover from us & they will offer a services
to all existing customers

· Greyhound will write to all customers informing them of same

· Greyhound will insist on the €100 services charge been paid
within 30days of the takeover (DCC collected quarterly)

· Greyhound will operate a prepaid system all customers will
receive a Payment Card you are required to ensure sufficient funds are
in your account to cover cost of collections (240 Lt Black Bin €6 /
140 Lt Black bin €3.60 / Brown Bin €2.00)

· All existing DCC customers will be offered a service by
Greyhound however customers can take up a service with any approved
waste collection company.

· All existing DCC approved Waiver customers will continue as
a wavier customer until end of 2012. (Only services charge is waived.
Waiver customers must ensure they have sufficient credit on payment
card to ensure a collection)

· All customers will receive a bar code for their green bin
which must be place on the back of your green bin. Green bins
presented for collection without the bar code will not be collected.
Green bins collection will remain free.

· Existing DCC customers will be sent a final bill (collection
from Oct 2011 to 13th Jan 2012) it will be issued by Greyhound as they
will be collecting monies & arrears on behalf of DCC .
Wrike – Project Management