Beaumont Hospital – surgery cancellations

Beaumont Hospital has provided an analysis for the month of October 2011. 115 operations were postponed that month. The operations were postponed for the following reasons:

  • 79 cases due to no bed available (usually due to Emergency Admissions).
  • 10 cases due to not enough theatre time available to complete the procedure.
  • 9 cases due to medical reason.
  • 8 cases due to Surgeon’s decision.
  • 6 cases due to patient decision.
  • 2 cases due to surgery postponed.
  • 1 case cancelled by Anaesthetist.

No operations were postponed due to cutbacks for staff shortages.

How many of these people were just messed up? Were they rescheduled? How many resulted in the surgical team exiting the hospital due to lack of alternative?