Drogheda cottage Hospital

Statement on Cottage Hospital, Drogheda

The level of service to be provided in any community nursing unit in
2012 will be determined by available levels of staffing, funding and
the need to meet national standards in relation to the physical
infrastructure of such units.

The HSE DNE is fully aware of public concerns regarding the future of
Community Nursing Units in the region and we hope to be in a position
to provide clarity on this issue as soon as we can.

The HSE has committed that prior to any decision being taken regarding
the closure of any Unit, consultation will take place with all
stakeholders including patients, their families, advocates and staff.
If following consultation a decision is taken to close any unit the
HSE is legally required to give a minimum of 6 months notice to HIQA
before the unit can close.

The HSE has met with the local Action Group in Drogheda and is
committed to ongoing engagement and information sharing with this

The HSE DNE can confirm it is commissioning an infrastructural
feasibility study of the St Mary’s site in Drogheda to establish the
capacity of this site to accommodate the development of additional
long stay residential beds on the St Mary’s site. The feasibility
study is expected to be completed by the end of April 2012. Should
the feasibility report support such a development on this site, the
proposal would then need to seek Capital Funding, the scale of which
would be in excess of €8.5 million. It is important to point out
however that no specific funding for such a development is currently
available within the Capital Plan and that any application for funding
would have to be considered nationally as part of future Capital

Management wish to commend the dedication and commitment of the staff
who have continuously provided quality care to the residents in the
Cottage Hospital