Ballymun Regeneration Update – detenanting – Donal Barron at work

As discussed at the last Area Committee the above is the breakdown on
remaining Tenants in the Blocks Shangan should be empty by the 1st
week in February we were successful in leasing a further 10 units in
Hampton wood. These units will be used to move people out of the
Sillogue Blocks, the Shangan 5 units are delayed until April the Area
Office moved 72 Tenants out of the Blocks last year.

We still have 2 units left in Domville Woods on lease these units were
offered to Shangan /Sillogue and were refused, 10 accepted temporary
moves. This information above is Data sensitive and is for your
information, as you can see we are now at the end game. With 6 Blocks
now emptied and been demolished, the Area Office is going to push hard
to vacate the remaining 23 Tenants subject to them accepting
permanent or Temporary Offers. The units shaded in Green are Shangan
5A/B Shaded in Red are Sillogue 4 Pyrite Housing.