Enda on the debt – Bill on Kennier

Enda was much nearer the mark in Davos than the blanket absolution
for the state of the country that he gave the Irish people in his
address to the nation on TV.

The Big 3 political parties were happy to compete to ratchet up
unsustainable spending over the noughties. Richard Bruton was one of
the few who was correct on Benchmarking – Joe O’Toole’s public sector
ATM machine – but Richard got a flea in his ear for his perspicacity.
The Financial Regulator and Central Bank were marked as lathair for
the duration while in Lansdowne wearing the green jersey with Bertie.
AIB and Anglo were run by incompetent Boards and management. Fingers –
enough said!

Irish People resident in Ireland and not in Portugal or Monaco or
Switzerland embarked on an orgy of borrowing to buy apartments in
Spain, Bulgaria and Turkey. Three holidays per year. Mad bidding at
house auctions. Economists telling us in the papers that there will be
a soft landing and people believing what they want to hear.
Politicians and economists in the newspapers were advising the
20somethings to get on the property ladder or be stuck renting for
life. Re-electing FF/PD to keep the circus going despite Morgan Kelly
and David McWilliams for two – ok Constantin also. Rip off Ireland in
service industries across the state. Berts mob lecturing the rest of
the world on economics – May the Lord JC have Mercy!

Pay rises to put tears in the eyes of the sceptical.

Me – I was offered a €60,000 pay rise to sign on to an absurd contract
at the age of 58 yr. The pension was to be €111,000 per year and you
were going to pay me that. Harney trumpeted that as corralling
consultants. Sancta Maria, Mater Dei ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc
et in hora mortis nostrae. OMG

Enda – remember Eamonn de Valero lived in Cross Avenue – Take a gawk
at his house and ask where did the DOOOOO come from?

Kennier is much closer to the truth in Davos than in Dublin. Kennier –
you get the real stuff here when I have time.

Best regards


PS I support Kenny ( Philo was good on the subject today on radio)