Children and criminal records in ‘reformatories’

“That Dublin City Council calls on the government to begin the process
to expunge the criminal records of all individuals convicted and
detained as minors within residential institutions as defined by the
commission to inquire into child abuse in residential institutions and
further, that it calls on the present government to fast track the
legislative framework. Thousands of children were criminalised by
courts throughout the Republic of Ireland. In many cases these
children had no legal representation and never received due process
and were subsequently incarcerated for many years in what’s now known
as Irelands Residential Institutions. In keeping with righting these
grave injustices, I believe it is now time to begin the process of
removing these child criminal records. This act would be a far more
fitting tribute of acknowledgment of the wrongs and damage done to
tens of thousands of Irish citizens than the proposed monument to
‘victims’ of residential institutional abuse as proposed by the
present Government”