Loyalties – I am loyal to Ireland as a country but am not loyal to either government. Both are too insular for my taste.

Sir, – The notion of Catholic unionists and Protestant nationalists is indeed a worthy issue for analysis. So too is the proposition that we, in this Republic of Ireland, should acknowledge the integrity and legitimacy of our “26 county” State. Quite simply, I am browned off at the notion that this State is somehow incomplete or lacks sufficient statehood. If, some day, others on this island, by majority vote, wish to join us, I would be among the first to welcome that. In the meantime, the Republic of Ireland has my loyalty. – Yours, etc,


Beech Hill Drive

Donnybrook, Dublin 4.


This state is incomplete. The way the RoI treats the northwest is ample evidence of this. The republic should be trying to integrate Donegal and Derry down to Fermanagh and Sligo for medicine, education and social services and industrial development in the first instance. So Dermot, avert your gaze from the Dodder and see the confrontation at Ardoyne as the biggest issue in Ireland in the past week. The abortion side show is Michael Mouse by comparison.