Noel Rock – Disconnection from the Truth is Unfit for purpose

FG candidate for the Ballymun ward distributed the following in a leaflet in Drumcondra last week.

It was headed ” Rock: I’m taking no expenses saving Dubs €60,000 per councillor”

The text included
” I will be saying “no thanks” to the €60,000 per annum in expenses which is taken by the average
councillor. And that’s just the average councillor, be assured that some take more than that.

Councillors are paid €16,753 per annum plus €583.00 per month (€7000 per year) as expenses.  In addition Councillors can avail of expenses to attend conferences and this figure can amount to between two and three thousand extra per year. So in total City Councillors can avail of a maximum €10,000 and not €60,0000 in expenses.

Rock has engaged in a form of egregious abuse to ingratiate himself with the voters. He obviously lives on Mars because mere earthlings would cop-on that 60k per year in expenses for a councillor would be impossible to justify or sustain.

Ironically, he is paid as a Senate assistant to Senator Catherine Noone. He should tell the voters who pays for his colour brochures and who are his main donors.