Kenny listen to the Irish people

The effective charges for families will now stand at €160 a year. Single adult households will pay an effective €60 rate. Both figures are lower than expected and are inclusive of the annual €100 rebate payable upon registration with Irish Water. The changes mean Ireland will have one of the cheapest water charges regimes in Europe.

Figures compiled by Global Water Intelligence indicate the new water charges regime would place Ireland at the bottom of the EU’s water charges table.

It calculates Europe-wide charges based on a family of four using an average of 15 cubic metres of water a month. When allowances and the water caps are included in Ireland, the charges are likely to work out at under €1 per cubic metre. This is well below EU countries with relatively high water charges, such as the UK (€3.92), Germany (€4.80) and France (€3.66). But it is also lower than rates in the cheapest countries, such as Romania (€1.75), Latvia (€1.71), Italy (€1.52). Bulgaria has the lowest rate at €0.99.