Advice to Fine Gael Central Council

The female gender quota is best achieved by adding females to constituencies where appropriate. The result and the consequences that I witnessed in Clontarf Castle for Dublin Bay North was troubling. No minister or TD should have to be excluded to accomodate a gender quota candidate.

Richard Bruton is a stand out minister for jobs against any European standardbearer. Bruton is also a very hard working constituency TD but is too nice a person for the mad political game.

I hope that thousands put him number 1 in that area. For Ms Regan to state that she beat Bruton in the vote was unwise as was teh comment atht the minister was oversaes while she was phoning delegates.

In the countries interest, it is important that Bruton remains in the cabinet. Remember I backed Kenny on radio in the leadership heave so I am no sycophant.

Loom at the likely outcome in that area

Prediction as of today!  1 FG (Bruton), 1 Lab (O’Riordan), 1. Finian McGrath, 1 SF (Whoever maybe McConkey), 1 FF (Haughey or Heeney most likely),

Other runners are Broughan (Labour independent ???), Terence Flanagan Renua who is a great campaigner, Avril Power who is a good candidate and a protege of Michael Martin, Naoise Murray FG who will have a lot of canvassers by the look of the convention. A second SF maybe in the running.

I was proud of my daughters speech, written by herself and her work on policy for YFG. She should be added for the future. and FG voters asked to go 1,2,3,4 in any relevant constituency.