Denis O’Brien – often right but needs a whisper in the ear

Denis O’Brien comments on the IBRC/Anglo privacy issues have only one error in my opinion. Members must be able to be free to comment in the Oireachtas on any issue without fear and the communications media must be able to reproduce those comments. That is in the public interest. Denis’ comments on Irish companies is a statement of fact and he has acted in Irish interest to do what he has done with Topas, Siteserve etc. I think Denis’s pr is terrible. The fallout was entirely predictable. Somebody should give him sound advice because some of his reactions are damaging himself unnecessarily. Let the facts speak for themselves. Let begrudgers have the field to themselves. If they are given no fuel, their fire will extinguish. Oxygen is needed to keep the fires going Denis.

Years ago I knew another brilliant man who was involved in clinical drug testing. He needed a nay sayer around him to help him control his wilder fancies but he did not have one. He went under. And those around him prospered greatly.

Sometimes it is better to let it be. John Lennon was right after all.

PJ, Frank and co can give Denis a steer. He should heed them.

I’m sure to get more opprobrium for writing this. But it is the country’s interest and in your interest. Don’t liquidate away from Ireland because there are a hell of a lot of people depending on subsidized salaries from you. (I’m not one!)

Any chance of building a few housing estates in the commuter belt for the young houseless?

By the way, Denis O’Brien is right on Aer Lingus and also on the vulture capital companies buying up discounted property from NAMA. NAMA is the Morecambe and Wise of the international business.

Beir bua