Bill Tormey is

  • a specialist in chemical pathology and general internal medicine
  • consultant in Beaumont and Connolly hospitals. Dublin City Councillor for Ballymun- Finglas for Fine Gael.

Politically is a liberal social democrat and fights discrimination head on. Sees people as individuals not as members of a particular group. Bill is sickened by racism, nationalism and religious fanaticism. Bill will change course if the evidence dictates.

Bill Tormey is fascinated by people and interested in lifestyles. And greatly values the question “why?”.

Currently he is a member of the Economic Planning and European Affairs Committee and also the Finance Committee of Dublin City Council. He is chairman of the HSE Forum for dublin and the Northeast.

Bill has written two books and has more than 100 publications in the international medical literature. (Pubmed- Tormey W)

Bill has medical and science degrees from UCD, a Diploma in Child Health from UCD, A PhD from Trinity College Dublin and has Fellowships of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland,of the Faculty of Pathology at RCPI and of the Royal College of Pathologists in London.  A firm believer in continuous education, he is currently studying with the University of Ulster at Coleraine. The PhD was entitled РThe role of amines in paraganglioma, neuroblastoma and carcinoid diagnosis.

Bill with his brother Eugene who is a solicitor in Thurles, Co Tipperary

Fluffy – Bill’s best friend – never a disagreement – 100% support