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Cops on Quays

To-night I received the following pithy message on Facebook.

“speed cameras on the quays mostly at night,catching people with this 30kph bullshit.”

As you all know, I am opposed to this entirely. I have a motion down on the City Council agenda to bin the January changes except for the gap between Capel St and O’Connell Bridge on the quays. That is as much as I think that Labour will vote for. Any of you who get tickets for speeding at 25 mph – look to the sky and think of Montague and Labour.

I will lead the Coalition for Common Sense. I had hoped the Gardai were on board but maybe that is too much to hope for.

Dublin Fine Gael on the 30 kph speed limit in the City Centre core.

Following a detailed discussion on this issue, the elected councillors resolved to send out the following statement: – “Fine Gael on Dublin City Council understands the public abreaction to the introduction of a city centre 30 kph speed limit zone around the clock. While Fine Gael is supportive of the pedestrianisation policy for the core city centre, we feel that this speed limit should be restricted from 7 am to 7 pm.

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