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Dublin City Council do the Right Thing on Poolbeg Incinerator

The actions of Dublin City Council in setting in train the Compulsory
Purchase Order for about 1.7 sq km to allow Liffey water be used for a
cooling system at the Waste to Energy 600,000 tonne capacity Incinerator in
Poolbeg are necessary to protect the public interest. I unequivocally
support the manager’s actions and would have taken this action earlier if I
was an elected mayor of Dublin. Minister Gormley has at most about about 22
months in office. Any new minister can reverse financial impediments
introduced to impede the effective use of incineration. Land fills are a
no-no. Irrespective of party considerations, this move by Dublin City Council is correct and not before time. It will protect the taxpayer from pain from government-inflicted EU fines. Let’s get on with the construction as fast as possible. So no tardiness please from the Bord Pleanala process.

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Dublin City Government 2009

To see the annual report and accounts for Dublin City Council, please click here

Dublin Waste Management

Question to City Manager City Council Meeting 10/05/2010

Could the City Manager summarise the present position of waste management
competition policy at Dublin City Council in the light of EU competition
policy and the contractual position regarding the Ringsend incinerator.

Following on from the judgement issued by Mr. Justice William M. McKechnie
(Reference 2008 / 420 JR) with regard to “direction of waste”, the City
Council has amended the condition attached to Waste Collection Permits to
take account of the judgement. The standard condition now provides for the
direction of waste to the highest tier of the waste hierarchy as opposed
to the previous condition which indicated a direction to a specific

Ballymun Lifts Crisis Limps on

Dear Councillor

Please be advised that the following highlighted text is the current
position with regard to the issue of Lift Maintenance at the Ballymun Flat

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Control of Horses Bye Laws 1999

“If the owner or keeper of the horse shall fail to make himself known to the Council or cannot be found within a period of 14 days from the date of seizure and detent, the council may dispose of the horse in accordance withy these Bye Laws and the Act.”

The Council Management wanted to reduce this to 5 days but Bill Tormey proposed that this be seven days and this was overwhelmingly agreed by councillors at the meeting of 1st February 2010. Councillor Dessie Ellis outlined the success of the horse passport scheme and the ear tagging of horses by the DSPCA in the Finglas area and all Ballymun Finglas councillors voted in favour of this change.

Bill Tormey has supported the Finglas Horse and Pony club in negotiations with the City Council as has Councillor Dessie Ellis and former Councillor Liam Kelly. The horse situation in Finglas has improved but over the recent cold spell, there were distressed horses in the Dunsink Lane and Scribblestown area. This is very disturbing and makes the implementation of the stabling issue very urgent.

Motion from Councillor Bill Tormey was passed unanimously by Dublin City Council tonight.

“That the City Council seeks a review of the charges at the M50 toll bridge, and in particular, that the 8 pm on the following day deadline for toll payment be increased to one week.”

Bill Tormey also criticised the high cost of the crossing in the context of the rapidly increasing costs of motoring – insurance, parking and other charges which are exorbitant in relation to falling take home pay of the majority and general price deflation in the economy.

Supreme Court bulwark for the People against prevailing low standards

Thank God for the Supreme Court and the triumph of common sense.

Mr James Flavin was CEO of DCC and also a director of Fyffes, the fruit importer. The Supreme Court found the he had acted illegally by selling DCC’s shares in Fyffe’s while in possession of confidential information which, if known to the public, would have affected Fyffe’s share price.
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New Heating System in Ballymun Flats

These are the details of the installation of the new heating system in the Ballymun flats. In order to facilitate the demolition of the remaining blocks of flats in Ballymun, BRL and Dublin City Council have accepted a tender for the installation of a new heating system, to heat the remaining occupied flat blocks. This will mean that a stand-alone gas fired boiler will be fitted at each block.
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Dublin needs a Czar for natural emergencies and catastrophies.

Glasnevin Avenue in the Snow

Glasnevin Avenue in the Snow

The response to the recent freeze was discussed at Dublin City Council Meeting on January 11th under “Lord Mayor’s Business”. The inadequacies obvious to citizens were laid out in frank terms. The effect of 3 ins of
snow on roads, subjected to prolonged subzero temperatures, was simply to bring traffic to a snarled halt. Buses were refusing to go up hills such as Parnell Square. Apparently Dublin Bus was afraid of buses being stranded with their drivers in some outlying areas.

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Winter Weather Response

Dublin – City Wide

Dublin City Council usually spreads 500 tonnes of salt annually.

As we all know, winters have for been mild in the past decade. The bad winters I remember were 1963 – (Manchester United Played Coventry at Milltown in a 3-3 draw on a frozen pitch to a jammed ground – United Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and company were cheered to the rafters in the first half but as they started to get a bit rough with Coventry, the crowd turned to cheering for the light blues. The game was hugely entertaining. I know – I was there.) and 1981 when the England match at Lansdowne was postponed
due to the weather. I am allowed reminisce, am I not?
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