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Cops on Quays

To-night I received the following pithy message on Facebook.

“speed cameras on the quays mostly at night,catching people with this 30kph bullshit.”

As you all know, I am opposed to this entirely. I have a motion down on the City Council agenda to bin the January changes except for the gap between Capel St and O’Connell Bridge on the quays. That is as much as I think that Labour will vote for. Any of you who get tickets for speeding at 25 mph – look to the sky and think of Montague and Labour.

I will lead the Coalition for Common Sense. I had hoped the Gardai were on board but maybe that is too much to hope for.

Rent to Buy Scheme in Dublin

Ireland’s first Local Authority ‘Rent-to-Buy’launch takes place at Block B, Herberton, Rialto, Dublin 8, with 16 properties available to view to people on the City Council’s Affordable Housing list.

The Scheme will consist of 91 units in total for rent at three locations in
the city. The other locations are at Prospect Hill, Glasnevin with 64
properties, and Park View, Dublin 11 with 11 properties. The 91 units
comprise a mixture of one, two and three bed roomed apartments and

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Dublin Financial Competitiveness Report

To view the Dublin Financial Competitiveness Report, please click here.

Dublin needs a Czar for natural emergencies and catastrophies.

Glasnevin Avenue in the Snow

Glasnevin Avenue in the Snow

The response to the recent freeze was discussed at Dublin City Council Meeting on January 11th under “Lord Mayor’s Business”. The inadequacies obvious to citizens were laid out in frank terms. The effect of 3 ins of
snow on roads, subjected to prolonged subzero temperatures, was simply to bring traffic to a snarled halt. Buses were refusing to go up hills such as Parnell Square. Apparently Dublin Bus was afraid of buses being stranded with their drivers in some outlying areas.

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Dublin Water Conservation

Northwest Area Manager Michael O’Neill informs councillors that there is a looming water shortage due to frozen pipes bursting and people leaving water running at home. Reservoirs are at full capacity trying to keep up with demand which is outstripping supply at the moment. To conserve water, pressure is being lowered at certain times which may result in no water for some periodically. Please turn off the taps and conserve water.

Silloge Golf Course

The facility is shut for the period of freezing weather.

Winter Weather Response

Dublin – City Wide

Dublin City Council usually spreads 500 tonnes of salt annually.

As we all know, winters have for been mild in the past decade. The bad winters I remember were 1963 – (Manchester United Played Coventry at Milltown in a 3-3 draw on a frozen pitch to a jammed ground – United Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and company were cheered to the rafters in the first half but as they started to get a bit rough with Coventry, the crowd turned to cheering for the light blues. The game was hugely entertaining. I know – I was there.) and 1981 when the England match at Lansdowne was postponed
due to the weather. I am allowed reminisce, am I not?
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