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Empolyment and jobs figures

Live Register = number of persons signing on for certain welfare benefits = seeking unemployment benefit or assistance + signing to preserve social welfare benefits

In July 2010, 440,000(94% sought unemployment benefit or assistance

26,000 (6%) were signing to preserve benefits

Total = 466,000

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Irish government only better than Greek. What an accolade!

If our economic performance has an outside objective assay, it is the price we pay to sell Irish Government debt.
The yield on 10-year Irish bonds was 5.25% in London on tuesday.
Irish debt is 2.64% more expensive than the Germans.
Portuguese debt is 2.53% higher than the Germans.
Spanish debt is 1.53% higher than the Germans
This government is a failure.

Stephen King in Irish Examiner gets it spot on.

FF dissidents should realise there is no future in economic decadence

By Stephen King

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

AS Charlie Haughey might have put it, I think there is some dissatisfaction with the (FF) leadership at the moment. Forty years ago, in the wake of the Arms Trial, the issue was policy; today, the grumblers claim their differences with the Taoiseach are presentational.

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