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Budget 2011: Double the pain (Irish Independent)

By Aine Kerr, Fionnan Sheahan and Maeve Dineen
Tuesday October 19 2010

THE hole in the Government’s finances is heading for €15bn — double the previous worst estimate — and that means families face four years of savage spending cuts and tax hikes.

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Varadkar on the front loading budget cuts

This solo contribution by Dr Leo Varadkar is the best solo effort I have read recently. It is a serious piece of work deserving serious consideration. It was published by the Sunday Business Post on 10 October 2010.

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Dublin Financial Competitiveness Report

To view the Dublin Financial Competitiveness Report, please click here.

Incompetence and Brian Cowen

Incompetence – Taoiseach Brian Cowen must accept culpability and responsibility for his failed stewardship of the Finance Ministry. His body language betrays his insight. He really ought to resign as Taoiseach and as leader of Fianna Fail. Fianna Fail is important to the state but its leader must not be tainted by spectacular failure in an economic ministry. He truly is the ECONOMIC UNDERTAKER OF CLARA. The country needs a fresh start which can only happen with a change of regime.

Lets have a general election in May.