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Eamonn Keane has TALENT

Lunchtime with Eamonn Keane was a good programme on Newstalk which had climbed to 68,000 listeners. I am very very disappointed that Eamonn Keane has resigned from Newstalk Radio, not merely because I like and respect him but because the station needs people of first rate ability and Eamonn has that. He is up there with Sean O’Rourke of RTE at the top of the rankings.

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Abortions in Britain

1047 girls aged 14 or younger had an abortion in 2009 and gthe figure was
1,097 in 2008. 17,916 abortions were carried out on under 18s in 2009.
Medical abortions involving pills only were used in 40% of the total. 2085
abortions took place on children who would have been born disabled or with
chromosome abnormalities.

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The Queen’s Speech and Eire!

The cliched House Journal of the Tory Party AKA The Daily Telegraph carried a report on the new Tory/Liberal coalition programme outlined in the Queen’s Speech. This State Opening of Parliament was first seen as it is
now in 1852. 22 Bills over 18 months will be introduced. The key reforms
that interest me include a Freedom Bill to scale back the DNA database,
restore the right to non-violent protest, Scrap ID cards and control the
proliferation of Closed Circuit TV. Local communities will be allowed take
over libraries and community centres that might otherwise close by forming

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Rugby Incomes under Threat

Incomes per year:

English premiership?   Salary cap £4 million

Irish Rugby ? 36 million

Leinster ?  4 million

Munster ?  4 million


Albi ? 8.7 million – relegated from Top 14

Montauban ?10.3 million ? relegated from Top 14

Perpignon ?12.4 million

Biarritz ?14.4 million

Racing Metro in Paris 16 million

Brive ?16 million

Toulon ?17 million (Jonny Wilkinson, Filipe Contepomi)

Clermont Auvergne ?19 million

State Francais ?21 million

Toulouse ?28.1 million

According to the IRFU, if Minister Ryan goes ahead and makes the Heineken Cup involving Irish teams free to air the loss to the IRFU will be ?12 million or 18% of income. This will not be replaced by advertising and will destroy the pool arrangement with the other Rugby Unions.

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Thornley – Considerable danger in tinkering with TV coverage – Minister Ryan put in perspective


EAMON RYAN is no fool. In seeking to vastly expand the number of sports events to be screened free-to-air on terrestrial television, the Minister for Communications has done his research. He has also identified a problem regarding the exclusivity of television audiences on pay-per-view. Sport should never become too smug about this and sometimes governments need to keep an eye on them.

Minister Ryan is also on familiar terrain. He attended Gonzaga, played in UCD and his family, including an uncle who played for Munster, is steeped in the game. Thus, when he recently proposed that Ireland?s Six Nations games and Irish Heineken Cup games be ring-fenced on free-to-air television, it was all the more heartfelt.

Minister Ryan cites audience figures for Leinster quarter-finals which were on terrestrial television and then on pay-per-view, which drew audiences of 250,000 and 70,000 respectively. He points to the Munster-Biarritz final of

2006 which drew 500,000 viewers in Ireland, and the 2008 decider which attracted just 100,000, and countless examples from other sports.

He wants his son and a generation of young fans to be able to watch these matches without going to the pub or a clubhouse, not to mention pensioners and others, and these are all valid concerns ? although the spin-off to clubs and pubs shouldn?t be overlooked.

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Questions for HSE on Effective Management

Hospital Boards are supposed to order policy to direct the Chief Executive

in the management of the institution. In Public Hospitals, the Minister for

Health is responsible for Board appointments even if some members are

nominees of Unions, Medical, Nursing or other staff, medical school or

university interests.

With the proliferation of staff at higher grades in the HSE in general since

its establishment, has an independent Lean Study on the administration ever

been commissioned?

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Efficiency gains from smaller hospitals

Dr John Barton is a very honourable man. He is inquisitive, rational, well-read and incisive. The debunking of myth is a most important activity in medicine. Since the deaths of Dr Petr Skrabanek and Professor James McCormick of the Community Health Department at Trinity College Dublin, there are no systematic iconoclasts in Irish Medicine. John to some extent fills some of that gap. He is the most knowledgible person in Fine Gael on health service systems and has taken a keen interest in the subject for some time. I have also taken an interest in this subject for some time. The letter he wrote to the Irish Examiner (Friday 30th April)is to his usual high standard. It helps to address some of the fallacies associated with large Irish hospitals and Health Service Executive policy towards them. As long as lean studies are not carried out on the administrative superstructures in Irish Hospitals, the overstaffing of middle management will remain endemic and probably worsen. Managers managing managers managing other line managers , all with secretaries! Anyway, Dr Barton’s letter follows and is self explanatory.


Hospitals policy the legacy of a failed political system.
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Evidence on DNW Labour and modern communications

Below is a copy of an e-mail from a local resident who is opposing a Meteor mast on a pub on Ballygall Road in East Finglas/Glasnevin area. It shows what I was referring to previously about the local Labour Party which actually disappoints me because this is not the activity of the usual Labour people in other constituencies. However, it is consistent with the populist anti-intellectual behaviour obvious for many years which is electorally highly successful. It is a microcosm of what is wrong with Irish politicians and Irish politics. It makes relevant Churchill’s observations in the quote on Fermanagh and Tyrone.

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Finglas Village Traders Reinvigoration Plan

Finglas Village Traders

Since the demise of the Finglas Village redevelopment by Marumba (Spain, Courtney, Doyle and McNamara), the footfall of customers and shoppers has been disappointing and relatively small. The court case with Barclays looking for about ? 7 million from Marumba lead to the closing down of the property company. deLoitte is one of the receivers.

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Ballymun Lifts Crisis Limps on

Dear Councillor

Please be advised that the following highlighted text is the current
position with regard to the issue of Lift Maintenance at the Ballymun Flat

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