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Apprentices – Phase 5 Level Training Available

Fine Gael in the City has been concerned about the lack of training opportunities to complete apprenticeship training in the current building sector collapse. Councillor Ruairi McGinley has been working on this. He is a very competent serious councillor in Dublin South Central who is highly respected. He is our leading Finance expert. Ruairi got this communication this week. If you require this completion of training please contact Dave Dinningan or Ruairi McGinley 086-8301111

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Empolyment and jobs figures

Live Register = number of persons signing on for certain welfare benefits = seeking unemployment benefit or assistance + signing to preserve social welfare benefits

In July 2010, 440,000(94% sought unemployment benefit or assistance

26,000 (6%) were signing to preserve benefits

Total = 466,000

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OECD and jobs in Ireland in 2010

Relatively good news from an organisation that called the economic madness in Ireland right.

Farm Incomes 2009 – Sorry Scene

Farm Incomes 2009

  • Average family farm income was €11,968
  • Less than 10% have incomes > €25,000
  • Only 6.3% have incomes >€40,000
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