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Ballymun Lifts Crisis Limps on

Dear Councillor

Please be advised that the following highlighted text is the current
position with regard to the issue of Lift Maintenance at the Ballymun Flat

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Update on Lifts in BALLYMUN

The contractor fixing the lifts was asked to go in to Ballymun to work on tower block rightaway. He took men off other job to do this. He will not be in Ballymun over this weekend, however he will be there on Monday to work on the rest of the Lifts .
Michael O’Neill

The Lifts in Ballymun are not the Mae West

Lifts in Ballymun – out of action. Here is the list of non-functioning lifts in Ballymun Estate on a random day. This is happening constantly.

Imagine trying to get the children up five flights or the elderly or infirm or arthritic. Not the Mae West!

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