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Enda update on what he has been doing this week. This man has energy. I hope he paces himself.

Dear Member,

The Government this week announced a €2.25 billion Stimulus Package
for various projects that are ready to proceed across the areas of
Education, Health, Justice and Transport. This is as a result of the
European Council agreeing to bolster the capital resources of the
European Investment Bank to provide new infrastructure financing in
the regions that need it most.

This investment in public infrastructure is part of the Government’s
commitment to solve the unemployment crisis with up to 13,000 jobs
expected to be generated. Of course, this alone won’t solve the jobs
crisis but is a step in the right direction.

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Incompetence and Brian Cowen

Incompetence – Taoiseach Brian Cowen must accept culpability and responsibility for his failed stewardship of the Finance Ministry. His body language betrays his insight. He really ought to resign as Taoiseach and as leader of Fianna Fail. Fianna Fail is important to the state but its leader must not be tainted by spectacular failure in an economic ministry. He truly is the ECONOMIC UNDERTAKER OF CLARA. The country needs a fresh start which can only happen with a change of regime.

Lets have a general election in May.