Gerry they’re not going away you know !!

Sorry it’s TINA Gerry

The statement by Ms Cahill released on Tuesday 19th January 2010, in which she asserts that the report by Suzanne Breen in the Sunday Tribune two days earlier was an accurate and truthful account of her rape by a prominent IRA man from Belfast and the aftermath which included meetings on the subject with Gerry Adams, is a worrying development for Sinn Fein and in particular Gerry Adams. A second rape victim described in the Sunday Tribune states that her rapist is a Sinn Fein elected representative but of course, the case has not come to trial. But this file was sent to the Public Prosecution service last July.

Then there is the whole Liam Adams affair – the brother – and frankly Gerry I find it very hard to believe that you did not know contemporaneously of your brother’s activities in the Cumann Mheon na Fuiseoige which regularly met two streets away from where you lived in Andersonstown. In my experience, Sinn Fein representatives are particularly skilled and informed at an intensely local level. Michael McHugh in The Irish Examiner reported on Saturday 16th January that ‘The brother of Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams worked for the party in Belfast after being forced out of a branch in Co Louth over child abuse allegations, Sinn Fein admitted yesterday’

Sadly Gerry, these allegations are not going away you know. I think you should go and take the Chiltern Hundreds. Resign and join the Irish Bishops in regretting…………………………….

TINA coined by Margaret Thatcher is again in play. You are undoubtedly a hugely talented man but unfortunately for you, at this time There Is No Alternative. Go.