New Heating System in Ballymun Flats

These are the details of the installation of the new heating system in the Ballymun flats. In order to facilitate the demolition of the remaining blocks of flats in Ballymun, BRL and Dublin City Council have accepted a tender for the installation of a new heating system, to heat the remaining occupied flat blocks. This will mean that a stand-alone gas fired boiler will be fitted at each block.

This new heating system will allow for the decommissioning of the “ Boiler House” and will have the added benefit of providing a more reliable and improved heating system for residents of the flats. Each block will now have a stand-alone boiler in a fenced off area close to the block, instead of the heating coming from the boiler house. The tender accepted will also include the provision of a new water supply and water storage system for the flats. The water storage system will be installed in the basement of each flat block.

The work will happen as follows:

  • The contractor will first prepare the site for the boiler in each block of flats. This work will include the erection of a fence and the installation of gas and electrical services. The boilers will then be installed at a later date prior to switch over to the new heating system.
  • The switch over from the district heating system to the new satellite boiler system will begin in late March 2010.
  • On Monday 25th of January the contractor will begin preparation works for the first boiler to be installed at 378-468 Sillogue Road.
  • Installation of boilers at 280-372 Sillogue Road and 187-279 Sillogue Road will also be completed over the coming weeks.
  • Parking restrictions will apply to accommodate these works.

There will be no disruption to services in the flat blocks during the installation of gas boilers and throughout the change over from the district heating system to the new satellite boiler system.

If you have a query regarding these issues please contact the DCC Area Office on 01 222-5707.