30kmph speed limit: The other side campaign

Dear Councillor,

I don’t know how you voted on the introduction of the 30kmph speed limit but congratulations to the council for having the guts to introduce it.

I was sceptical that it would make any difference but I was in town this evening at rush hour and I’m very impressed. I was watching the traffic from the blood donor clinic on D’Olier St. and could see that it was moving smoothly at a decent enough speed. Later when I was down among it, it was a strangely relaxed experience. I got from A to B in more or less the same time, just without the usual stress and heart palpitations.

The criticism of it was ridiculous, childish stuff. I really think that given a few weeks everyone will have gotten used to it and most drivers won’t regret leaving the old mania of Dublin driving behind.

I hope you’ll continue to support it when it comes up for review.

Kind regards,