Finglas and Ballymun Leisure centres


Finglas Leisure Centre

Ballymun Leisure

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Finglas Leisure Centre has premium club peak hours for the gym, pool, astroturf pitch, and fitness studios in the evenings. In Ballymun, there is a gym, a pool and fitness studios.

Youth clubs, schools and other groups are encouraged to use the facilities during the daytime for minimum cost.

In the summer of 2009, 14 summer projects were catered for – the Den, Finglas Youth Service, Finglas West SC, St Joseph’s sc. Mellow Springs and other camps.

There are 350 children in swimming classes in Finglas as well as swimming lessons for 18 schools in the local area. In Ballymun, 15 schools are being catered for as well as the Aisling Project, St Michael’s House, BEST and Poppintree Youth group.

St Michael’s House, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and St Ciaran’s use the facility use the Finglas facility.

The intention is to increase the usage during the daytime and the passport for leisure should help this as should an advertising campaign.