Taxi Driver’s Unsolicited Approval on 30kph madness

Greetings Bill

I applaud you in your stance against this 30kph madness in the city centre, it must and shall be removed.  As a Taxi driver, I`m getting abuse from customers who want me to “speed up” around this 30kph area which of course would get me two penalty points and an 80 euro fine.  Compare this to the case about a week and a half ago in Blanchardstown court where an Asian man alleged to be trying to get married to a lativan girl in an EU passport scam was found guilty of having two forged passports one Italian and one Hungarian I believe. He was found guilty and got a 250 euro fine and walked free! Yet if you go down the quays at 22mph you get an 80 euro fine and two penalty points!!

I applaud your stance also in the council chambers the other night and it reminded me of the Clarence Hotel many moons ago during a KRAM meeting when you compared the players not going on strike and forcing the issue to how nazis Germany started.  Interestingly enough your share issue plan that night came to fruition many years later to save the Hoops and secure a move to Tallaght.

Driving so slow will cause accidents as you literally have to have your eyes on the speedometer not the road.

The likes of montague have come up with figures over the past ten years or so pedestrians killed in Dublin etc. There are many holes in this argument as the HGV ban was not in place then and most were cycists killed by them and other freak incidents are included like the Wellington Quay bus incident which killed a few people.

Lets get rid of this 30kph nanny state rubbish.

Yours sincerely