Tomas Mac Giolla

Tomas died in Beaumont Hospital on 4th February, 2010 at the age of 86. I offer my condolences to his wife Maire and his sister Evelyn. Tomas was a committed socialist and was President of Sinn Fein and the Sinn Fein the Workers Party and later the Workers Party. He was TD for Dublin West from 1982 – 1992 and Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1993/94. I found him a very sincere gentle and brave soul. I admired his tenacity and integrity in the face of formidable political obstacles. Consistency and commitment were obvious characteristics and he never wavered when it would have been easier to step right. The Left in Ireland has lost a real champion. Politics in Ireland is poorer for his passing because he challenged the status quo and never relented. I did not agree with many of his opinions but that never meant that I did not see merit in some of his arguments. He served his people well.