Ray d’Arcy available for transfer window in 28 months. Agents stampede in Digges Lane!

World Radio Stations take note – Ray d’Arcy exposes his prejudice on television. He is evidently available for pre-contract discussions. Longest dateline is 28 months hence. His attack on Enda Kenny on RTE’s The Saturday Night Show on 13th February was brutally honest. Kenny will undoubtedly ignore this buffoon and regard him in the manner of Denis Healey dismissing Geoffrey Howe in the House of Commons when he said Howe’s attack on him as Chancellor was like being “savaged by a dead sheep”. Darcy is quoted as saying about Enda Kenny that “It’s true, if he becomes Taoiseach I’m leaving the country”. Well Mr d’Arcy, Bon voyage!

d’Arcy is a star. Wow! Has he looked at the alternative government programme on the Fine Gael website? Maybe he is insinuating that Brian Cowen is better than Enda Kenny. If so, there is little to substantiate this? Cowen is a good rumbustious bombastic debater who cannot escape responsibility as Finance Minister and as a cabinet member for the asset price bubble in this country which he aided, abetted and part authored. The public has copped on. Kenny has not wrecked the economy. Kenny has held Fine Gael together for the past two political cycles in which the party has developed a coherence and confidence to lead the country. Kenny has co-ordinated this transformation. The policy detail on the website is impressive. I prefer human fallible leaders who have some humility. Kenny is decent and careful. I am miles more liberal than Enda but I KNOW he is honourable and decent. Kenny can also be persuaded if the facts are presented to him. When Eamonn Gilmore gives us chapter and verse on his economic policies, I will salute him. I hope they are conservative enough to satisfy the bond markets. I notice d’Arcy said nothing about the absence of nimbus clouds in Labour’s sky. No bad weather with Labour!! D’Arcy should acquaint himself with Brian Farrell’s Chairman or Chief book on Taoisigh. He might cop on – maybe!!! Kenny is the ideal chairman. Maybe d’Arcy should stand for Fianna Fail and get on with it. D’Arcy should have been asked how Cowen, Ahern, Reynolds or Haughey were or are better than Kenny. Look at their records in detail. Oouch!

At least Kenny had the cop on to oppose the woeful NAMA invention which will weigh heavily on all our futures.

Kenny should use the redundant Seanad Eireann to fast track talent including Ivan Yates. Maybe Senator Michael O’Leary will be appointed Minister for Public Service Regeneration. It still snows on Kilimanjaro.