Zealots hit for six by Breen on Traffic

Councillor Gerry Breen is well known as a Dublin Bay Conservationist in contrast to Bill who is a Dublin Port Industrial Supporter. However, Gerry has oodles of cop-on and like myself is intent on defending the rights and reasonable expectations of the vast majority against the creeping intolerance and zealotry of the dark green tendency. Gerry exposes a conflict of interest involving the chairman of the Traffic and Transport Policy Committee at Dublin City Council. Nothing personal – just business!

As the great Con Houlihan says …read on..

Subject: Dublin City Council must have balanced traffic policy

Councillor Gerry Breen 087 2567811 12.30pm Sunday 21st February 2010 Fine Gael Group Leader Dublin City Council must have balanced traffic policy After years of a traffic policy focussing on cycling,Dublin City Council must regain a balanced traffic policy.So says Councillor Gerry Breen,Group leader of the Fine Gael group on Dublin City Council.At 3.1% of modal share,cycling is now at the same level as 1997.

Yet in the Dublin City Council,cyclists have a cycling forum headed up by the Chair of the Traffic & Transport Committee Councillor Andrew Montague with direct input into policy making.

Councillor Breen is now calling on similar input facilities for the Bus,Rail (Rail,DART,& LUAS),Car Drivers and Walking interest groups.”Even walking at 9.1% is 3 times the size of the cycling users and it is now fair or balanced for the Chair of the Transport Committee to favour one to the exclusion of the others.The car users are 11 times,buses 10 times and rail users 7 times the size of the cyclists.In is not in the interest of the city or its citizens to continue with the present regime and the chair should consider him position if he is not capable of achieving this balance.I will be seeking for these groups to be given representation at the council”.Breen concludes.