Green Open Spaces – Finglas

Following a survey in January 2010 of the greens and pitches in the area, we have determined that railings could be considered for Plunkett Green.

It is our view that railings around the open space at Barry Avenue would perhaps be of greater community benefit in enhancing the appearance of the main public space/shopping centre and dealing with the evident damage by fires and horses, notwithstanding issues of enforcement.  There is currently no budget available for any railings, however, we will consider the request and review if such resources are available.

In the short to medium term (by 2012), we can plan to provide some improvement measures, namely:

  • Tree planting along the existing railings at Plunkett Green.  We are aware that cars park on this grass margin for use of the pitches and will review suitable locations in relation to this issue and to existing services.
  • Tree planting at the main path to the shopping centre in the open space at Barry Avenue.
  • Tree planting to the corners and some bulb planting at Barry Park.
  • Proposed extension and upgrade of changing pavilion at Kildonan Park, subject to issues discussed in that report.
  • Continuing maintenance of grass and litter.

We will review these measures and work progressively toward upgrading these spaces as resources allow.

Maryann Harris
Senior Executive Parks Superintendent


The opens spaces mentioned above are within the boundary of the RAPID area.  Funding availability for precinct enhancements under RAPID have not yet been confirmed for 2010.  The Rapid Coordinator will keep the matter under review and should funding become available he will consider these two projects.  Any RAPID funding received would require matched funding from Dublin City Council.

Larry Dooley
RAPID Coordinator


Bill says: We will try to find some money to make these improvements despite the government cuts in support.