Pavilion with changing rooms in Johnstown Park available in 2011

Summary: Bill says that the money to design and complete the new pavilion in Johnstown Park is available and the facility will be available for use by 2011


The Assistant City Manager wrote to the Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism (DAST) on 15th December 2009 to request the amalgamation of the existing grants into one grant solely for construction of the new changing pavilion. They have requested a detailed breakdown of costs and confirmation of planning consent. City Architects are preparing the outline design drawings and performance criteria for the new changing pavilion and it is anticipated that these drawings will issue in the coming weeks. We will then refer the drawings to the Planning Department for confirmation of consent under the existing Part 8. If a new Part 8 is required, this may delay the tender process by up to 5 months. City Architects are to confirm with the Procurement Unit about the procedure for a tender to design and construct, as well as review requirements for a fire safety certificate, if necessary. It is anticipated that the tender will have to follow EU Procurement requirements, as it is likely that the contract will be in excess of €500,000. This will require a 40-day period for tender. There is another additional 4-5 weeks required for assessment of tenders, notification process to unsuccessful tenderers and preparation of a Manager’s Order, following standard requirements.

It is anticipated that the project would be starting in late 2010, with completion by early 2011. The total DAST grant funding, if amalgamated, would be €750,000. Furthermore, we are advised by the Department that its funding is 70% of the allocated amount. This would mean the actual funding from DAST is €525,000. Additional resources in terms of matching funding will be necessary from DCC. Until City Architects have completed their design and we go to tender, we cannot be certain of costs.

Maryann Harris
Senior Executive Parks Superintendent