The Lifts in Ballymun are not the Mae West

Lifts in Ballymun – out of action. Here is the list of non-functioning lifts in Ballymun Estate on a random day. This is happening constantly.

Imagine trying to get the children up five flights or the elderly or infirm or arthritic. Not the Mae West!

Wednesday the 24th of February 2010

Pat here is today’s list of lifts out of order:

18 Sillogue Road: S1 B2 S1 B3 S1 C1 S1 C3 S1 D2 S1 E1 S1 E2 S1 E3

Balbutcher Lane: S2 A3 S2 B1 S2 B3

Coultry Road: S4 A2 S4 A3

Shangan Road: S5 A3 S5 B1 S5 B3 S5 C2 S5 C3 S5 C4