Report to North West area Committee 18th March 2010

Poppintree Park

Poppintree Park Phase 1 is due to open to the public in May 2010. This was agreed at the North West Area Special meeting, 22nd October 2009. Other items agreed at this meeting were, that sloped coving will be placed on top of flat wall at Cedarwood Gate to discourage youths from sitting on the wall; The hedge at Cedarwood/Willow Park to be examined by Parks & Landscape Services and lowered for long term horticultural reasons. Brl also gave a commitment at a residents meeting that the bike racks at the entrance to Cedarwood Gate would be relocated and that the CCTV cameras will be in place and operational for the opening of the park.

It was also reported at the North West Area Special Meeting that the CCTV system would be operational by February 2010 and this date has shifted due to the complexity of the project, the procurement process, to engage the multiple contractors required, and the funding approval process through Pobail. The installation of the CCTV system commenced on 18th January 2010 and is due for completion by the end of July. This work will be completed in phases and includes the installation and commissioning of 48 new cameras and the relocation of the existing Dublin City Council system, which is currently located in Plunkett Tower, to the new control room at Santry Cross.

The installation and commissioning of the cameras is due to start mid April 2010. In this phase the cameras will be installed in groups of ten and fully commissioned immediately to transmit and relay signal back to the monitoring room. Thus once erected, the cameras will be live for defensive monitoring of the area. While this work can be scheduled with the contractor to commence in the Poppintree Park area, it cannot be guaranteed to be ready for the May bank holiday opening of the park.

Brl have been liaising with Dublin City Council Parks department in relation to the works programme for completion of the park and report the following:-

• Hedge at Cedarwood/Willow Park has been trimmed
• Final snagging is finishing and additional planting is about to start. This was delayed due to the unusually unsuitable weather.
• Water Safety Signs will be erected around the pond area
• Playground equipment will be installed over a four-week period to be ready for opening day

• Prior to the park opening date, Brl Play development Officer has planned a four-week activity of play activities
• Brl in conjunction with Dublin City Council are devising a tree trail in the park and a map and brochure will be available for the opening
• Work is scheduled to commence on the relocation of the bike racks at the Cedarwood Gate and also
• On the replacement of the existing coping on the Cedarwood Gate wall, with angled coping

Accordingly I recommend delaying the opening to a date in June to allow for planting to become established and the CCTV system to be further advanced.

Eamon Farrelly
Projects & Contracts Liaison Manager