More on Benedictus XV1

The Pope’s attitude to priestly formation shows that he does not understand that this “formation” is attempting to turn some normal people into celibate weirdos. Female clergy, Marianism, subordination of women etc are all ignored as factors in the male clerical response to child sexual abuse, not to mention child physical abuse.

No comment from the Pope on bishop resignations. No comment on the cover-up by the Vatican civil service (Curia) in their failure to respond to the Murphy Commission here; No specific comment on the cover-up on clerical sex abuse world wide: No straight forward declaration that the Law of the State must be obeyed in Europe; No comment on the European Declaration on Human rights; No comment on the Vatican Code of Silence in Crimen Solicitationis and its devastating consequences.

Because the Pope has questions to answer himself with regard to Munich children, I found it hard to read his letter in its entirety but I persisted and did.

All the Pope succeeded in doing was raising my anger and making me determined to resist this obvious attempt to induce the faithful to forget the unavoidable consequences of the causes of underlying church problems as they concentrate on penance and other psychological manipulations. Nobody can buck NATURE. Not even Herr Ratzinger or as he styles himself Benedictus XV1. Retired theologian Hans Kung has an interesting take on the Pope as both were academics in Tubingen University in Germany.

Remember, as a youth, I listened intently to the teachings of the Catholic Church to such an extent that I instantly recognise all of the Pope’s innuendoes and inferences and the cast of characters including the Cure d’Ars and John Mary Vianney. It is a tad hilarious that he (The Pope) should be looking for third party intercession in his hot line to God. What an insult to the true concept of God. Stand back and ask your self the question – Why? Why? Why? to every and any claim by this or any other church.

And if you want to scare yourself, read Sharia Law, Fatwas etc.

Justine McCarthy, writing in the Sunday Times 21st March under the heading “What hope if even the state puts priests above the law?”, chronicles the continuing deference of the state towards the Catholic Church. She shows how many of the state’s functions remain in church hands. It is a must read article and it is on the web. Her synthesis is compelling.