Ballymun estate and parks


We are in daily contact with the concierge in Balbutcher Lane that operates our C.C.T.V and our door entry system. We work with them in identifying areas where anti social behaviour occurs and liaise with the Gardai and the local residents in resolving this behaviour. Work has commenced on the new CCTV system, and it is hoped that it will be operational by July. We have
recently been informed that funding has been approved by the DoEHLG to extend the Concierge system to remaining blocks in Ballymun, not subject to demolition. A further report on this matter will be provided at a later date.

Relocation of Community Groups:

The process of identifying and responding to the accommodation needs of community groups operating from flats and basements that are now required for demolition is continuing. Area staff in conjunction with Ballymun Regeneration Ltd have identified alternative accommodation and refurbished units for more than fifty community-based organisations. There are currently 37 flats/basements/houses assigned to community groups. The Community Facilities Forum facilitated a workshop on 10th March with a view to exploring the issues regarding their long-term accommodation options. Relocation of groups will enable us to continue closing off blocks for demolition and hopefully reducing anti-social behaviour.

Lift Dispute:

The maintenance company Pickerings, who are responsible for the lifts in Ballymun flat blocks have withdrawn their services due to a countrywide industrial dispute. The number of lifts out of order averages on a daily basis at approximately 18 out of the 27 in use, with many outages associated with vandalism. Area staff have identified vulnerable tenants who may need our assistance during this dispute and have offered alternative accommodation and any help they might need.

Coultry Road/ Silloge Road

We continue to meet with the residents in these areas in relation to the problem of gangs congregating on the blocks. We hope to have the 2nd block in Silloge empty by the end of March and we will continue to work with the community and the Gardai to resolve the issues of Anti Social Behaviour.


Burren Court Community Gardening Project:

Community staff in Ballymun, in conjunction with estate management and Global Action Plan, have started to work with the Burren Court senior citizens on their 2 community gardens. This project will involve consultation meetings with all local residents to establish whether they would like to become involved. Small gardening projects will then follow with the Burren Court residents.

Poppintree Park:

The following works have been completed recently with a view to re-opening the closed section of the park in June once CCTV works are completed.

• Hedge at Cedarwood/Willow Park has been trimmed.
• Final snagging is finishing and additional planting is about to start. This was delayed due to the unsuitable weather.
• Water Safety Signs will be erected around the pond area.
• Playground equipment will be installed over a four-week period to be ready for opening day.
• Prior to the park opening date, BRL Play development Officer has planned a four-week activity of play activities.
• BRL in conjunction with Dublin City Council are devising a tree trail in the park and a map and brochure will be available for the opening.
• Work is scheduled to commence on the relocation of the bike racks at the Cedarwood Gate and on the replacement of the existing coping on the Cedarwood Gate wall, with angled coping.

Friends of the Park:

By developing “the friends of the park” initiatives it is hoped that local residents will actively become involved in the management of the public open spaces.

 The residents are encouraged to take ownership of their local park/green.
 The committees are assisted in organising activities of their own or engaging in established projects.
 Members are encouraged to report issues of anti social behaviour.
 City Council Community Wardens play an active role.

In previous years there have been friends of the park for Coultry Park, Whiteacre Park and Silloge Green. It is hoped to re-engage with these groups in the coming months along with a number of groups looking after planting along their streets. The Community Section is also in contact with youth workers from Ballymun Youth Resource (BRYR) regarding the lake area in the new Poppintree Park. It is hoped that people from BRYR with specific interests in fishing will work to encourage community pride in this part of the park in association with DCC.

The City Council is working with residents from Plunkett Tower to remove hedging around the grounds that give cover for anti community activity. It is hoped to replace this hedging with low growing scrubs and flowers. A clean up of the area is also underway.