City Channel TV with Supremo David Harvey

This channel started in October 2005. Bill was there for a discussion on
Dublin City Council issues, government and national bank problems with City Channel’s David Harvey for the Evening Show. I said that Fine Gael had to be an improvement on Fianna Fail who are transparently disasterous. I also said that the FG document on political reform could be improved by devising a system where TDs were impowered through confining the whip system to the Finance Bills. The quality of debate and legislation would be improved by giving real influence to the outcome of cross party debate in the Dail and on Committee. Parties on Dublin City Council do not rigidly whip their members.The exception is the election of Lord Mayor, the chairmen of
Strategic Policy Committees and usually the budget meeting. This makes the
outcome of many votes on issues unpredictable.

City Channel 107 is situated in Sandyford Industrial Estate near the Beacon
Hospital. It is on the NTL digital platform in Dublin and also on cable,
digital and MMDC in Waterford and Galway. 30 min program of the highlights
from Dublin City Council is shown.

City Channel Studios

Cllr Bill Tormey and David Harvey