Toyosi Shittabey RIP aged 15

For me this is an unspeakable murder in the street. A dark cloud has settled
over northwest Dublin with this killing. I am very upset about this myself
and feel angry and helpless about this killing. The perpetrators should have
the key thrown away. Over a period of time, I have known many foreign
nationals living in Tyrrelstown and the place has been quiet and safe. The
newspaper descriptions of the attack on that 15 year old Nigerian-Irish boy
are upsetting. I have never before written about individual cases but this
kid was brought as a visitor here and has become native over time. the lad
was good enough to play soccer for Shelbourne.
Immigration has added hugely to Irish life. In a generation, the new Irish
will be “us” not “them”. The fact that his skin colour may have been a
factor in his killing is very telling and unsetting.

I have been verbally attacked at doors on the issue of immigrants because I
unequivocally state that they are welcome and enhanse us as a nation and
people. I don’t have to tell anyone about the silent racists among the
political class. There are 40 million Irish around the world. Racism,
nationalism and religion – the sources of so much hate and killing world

I am repelled by racist language and sentiments.