Augusta’s Pompous Ass

When I watched Mr Bill Payne, Chairman of Augusta National in Georgia, USA
on television start talking about Tiger Woods and his responsibilities as a
role model for Payne’s children and grand children, I thought, “what a
silly pompous ass”. Mind your own damn business mister. The organiser,
talking about the private personal affairs of a contestant in a golf
tournament, is out of order. Woods had consensual sex with many volunteers.
That is their business. Woods was and is paid funny money because he is the
best golfer in the world. If he wasn’t, none of us would have heard of him
and he could do whatever with whoever volunteered. The only reason that the Augusta organisers invite Woods to compete is that, not to do so would
precipitate a landslide of derision which would undermine their status as a
golf major. So they need Woods a lot more than he needs them.

Golf is just a game – not a religion or a cult. Whether Augusta should be a
real major is moot. Many golf writers point out that it has the weakest
field but most years, it is undoubtedly dramatic over the closing holes.
There is a cult of clawing pomposity at Augusta that is in truth
nauseating. It is a theatre of the absurd.It has a class system imported
with the British Empire, cosseted through the racism and puritanism of
Georgia and the Southern States. Only the blind could fail to notice these
attitudes. Do you think that such a TV speech would be made at the US Open
or PGA or indeed at the British Open. The British have a bit of the
attitude – THE Open – a bit like THE RFU or THE FA.

Anyway Tiger, your sex life is your business. If your wife hasn’t kicked
you out – well again that’s both of your affairs. The chances of Woods
ignoring nature’s calls are minimal. He would be best advised to change
sponsors and keep his income up. I’m biased, I would love to see one of the
Irish win especially Padraig Harrington from Stackstown.