Eirigi and Falls Road

If you live in Dublin – look at Slugger O’Toole website and see Eirigi march and parade at Milltown Cemetery in Belfast and also the length of the white line protest for political prisoners along the Falls Road in Belfast.

It would make you think that Gerry Adams was and is correct. They have not gone away you know!

That is why inclusivity and concern must be accorded the people in Northern Ireland. By the way, the Garda action in removing flags and such symbols from Belfast soccer fans supporting Glentoran against Bohemians in Phibsboro was simply inappropriate and wrong. I think it merely displayed an unseemly prejudice against that tradition. Those of us lucky enough to see Ulster defeat Colomiers in the Heinken Cup in 1999 at Lansdowne could only marvel at the colour and aggressive identity of the Ulster supporters of all persuasions. There were thousands of red hand and Ulster loyalist flags. I did not see too many or any gardai trying to take flags off them in the city or at Lansdowne. Strange that!!!!

Splits in Sinn Fein are regular events and the Belfast Agreement will always stand to the credit of Sinn Fein in history. Nationalism is a potent force world wide and ethnic diversity in a geographical area is the fuel for prejudice always. Therefore “EDUCATE TOGETHER” must be the core tenet of a civilised tolerant society.