Tony Blair – Hugely Rich Egomaniac – Bert just Egomania

Damian Corless researched the riches of Tony Blair since he left office to
head into the lecture circuit, not mark you to the Hague Human Right Court
for an illegal war in Iraq. The data was in the Irish Indepenedent on 10th

Blair makes £150,000 per lecture and this month he made £300,000 for two
lectures in the Far East. Blair has a staff of 130 working for him now. In
the three years post 10 Downing St, he has made about £60 millions. He has
six grand houses and is a “social engineer” now according to himself.

Poor auld Bert on the otherhand gets about £29,000 per show but is running
out of gigs according to the Indo. Hard to be the economic saviour of
Ireland when the IMF is hanging about in the national lobby. Last year he
made 16 foreign trips on speaking engagements which must have been a treat
for the audiences. Bertspeak – a dialect for the discerning.

His brother Noel Ahern TD has a letter in the Irish Times on 12 April
pointing out that when Minister for Housing in 2005, he did speak out
forcefully against the 100% mortgages but was largely ignored. I well
remember that he did and I congratulated him at the time for doing so.
There is an honesty in Noel that is refreshing at times. He is my
constituency opponent but I keep my rivalry to fact not the personal abuse
of dissembling (lies).